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Explore The SleepBytes Platform

The hardware

Sleep monitoring
The sensor integrated into the mattress structure captures the user’s:
  • Heart rate.
  • Respiration rate.
  • Turning over rate.
Sleep aids
The Sleep Aid device allows you to:
  • Fall asleep easily with special aroma, soothing sound and light.
  • Wake up with smart alarm.

The software

From the data collected by the sleep monitoring a comprehensive sleep analysis is generated using advanced algorithms to determine the user sleep onset, sleep duration, wakeup time, sleep cycle, leave bed times and sleep advices to help improve the user’s sleep quality.

Mobile application
100% Mobile
Designed to be mobile-first. So you get full functionality at your fingertips.
Good-looking Data
Beautifully visualized insights help you track your sleep.
Full Report
Real-time sleep monitoring and detailed sleep report help you improve your sleep quality.
Partner admin panel
The admin panel allows our partners to fully control the flow from the real-time data collection to the report storage, it contains many features such as:

Devices management

Users management

Reports viewer


Support tickets management

The cloud

Insuring to you a 99.99% up time, we provide you the best set of interconnected services to respond to all your customers’ needs.


Storing the data with an advanced encryption algorithm in order to protect our partners and their customers.


The implemented architecture with a real-time lightweight communication protocol guaranties the data transfer between our devices and servers.


One of the biggest challenges cloud services solve is scalability. Our partners get to benefit from this solution and shouldn’t worry about the customers number increase.

Home Bed Solution

Elderly Care Solution

Nursing Bed Solution