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The Smart Sleep Platform

For Bedding Professionals

The world’s first Smart Sleep Platform dedicated to bedding and mattress manufacturers.


The mission of SleepBytes is to help bedding and mattress manufacturers around the world effortlessly integrate smart sleep technology solutions into their existing portfolio. 

We have designed our platform with the bedding professionals in mind and made it incredibly simple to use. It provides you with easy access to several bed-based smart solutions:

    • Sleep monitoring solutions
    • Sleep aid solutions
    • Sleep management solutions
    • Elderly / Nursing Home monitoring solutions
Let’s help you ensure your future-readiness with access to transformative and AI powered applications and enable your digital transformation.


Home Bed Solution
Elderly Care Solution
Nursing Bed Solution


Very fast time-to-market
Seamless integration
Fast scalable deployment
One single platform
End-to-end turnkey services

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The precise data collected by the sensors is processed using exclusive algorithms that benefit from a decade of expertise in connected health.

Powerful detection capabilities

SleepBytes records and calculates your health settings in real time to provide accurate data.


SleepBytes filters your motion signal to extract your breathing rate throughout the night.

Heart rate

Every time your heart beats, it propels a mechanical wave through your body, which is continuously measured with great accuracy by the sensor.

Temperature and humidity

The humidity sensor allows to measure the ambient humidity, The temperature is measured on the device.

Advanced sleep monitoring and staging

Tracking users sleep statistics and determination of sleep stages durations (Wake up, light sleep, and deep sleep durations)

Sleep score determination

Sleep score is calculated from many factors, such as, sleep duration, waking up times...


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